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Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic is one of the few modalities in veterinary medicine where results are often seen within minutes

of treatment.



Unlike regular medicine, homeopathy treats the WHOLE patient, curing the disease without negative side effects.

Since my dog's decline with his mobility that started about 2 years ago I have tried so many different options to try to improve his wellbeing.

Traditional vets wanted me to just put him on pain & arthritis medication. We tried that but it just did not seem to be helping much and I was worried about the long term effects. I have tried many different holistic treatments that have all helped a little differently, but most recently we tried homeopathy.

Dr. Jung spent so much time getting to know my dog's history and was able to choose a remedy that worked almost instantly to improve my dog's mobility.

I can see so many changes in his alertness, appetite, interest in playing, and wanting to be outside. I only wish that I had tried homeopathy sooner as I truly feel that Dr. Jung has been able to give me my dog back!

Laura Broglie with Ben

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Dr. Heike Jung, DVM, CAC, C.Vet.Hom.


I'm a veterinarian certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association with over 20 years of experience as a veterinary chiropractor.

In 2020, I also became certified as a veterinary homeopath by the British Institute of Homeopathy.

It would be my pleasure to help your four legged friend and partner move and feel better.

Recipient of the "Gentle Doctor Award"


Proper nutrition is vital to health.

Unfortunately most pet foods are calorie rich and nutrient poor.

Even the most expensive bagged foods lack nutrition because cooking and processing ingredients, even if they are organic, will leave them rendered void of nutrients. 

The best you can do for your pet is to switch them to a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

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Because your pet
deserves to feel better!

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