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Dog Walker at the Park

 Hours and Pricing  

I know your schedule is hectic. Taking off from work to bring your dog or cat to the chiropractor can be challenging.

Therefore, I see most of my patients

 Saturdays,  Sundays mid-day,

and weekday evenings.

I'm at

Healing Paws Veterinary Wellness Center in Severna Park, MD on Tuesdays.

Please email or text me to set up an appointment.

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Credit Card or Cash only. No checks!

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Your dog's session starts with a gait evaluation. I like to see your dog walk so I can get a feel for how he/she carries him/herself. Then we discuss your dog's history. While we speak, your dog is able to get used to his/her surroundings.

After that, I let my hands do the feeling and adjusting. I often will use an 'activator'; a tool that allows me to quickly adjust the subluxations (misalignments). 

Your dog my sleep for the rest of the day and drink more water than usual. That is normal. 

$95/Initial visit (Exam and first adjustment)

$70/follow up adjustments/ Discount bundle available



Your cat's chiropractic session is a quiet and gentle session.

Cats can be quite uncertain and skittish, so I take my time to speak with you first while allowing your cat to get to know me.

The session is quick and you may not notice any changes until your cat has had a few hours at home to get used to the new feel. 

$95/Initial visit (Exam and first adjustment)

$70/follow up adjustments/ Discount bundle available

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Discount Bundles

Buy 3 Sessions for $180 
(save $30)

I highly recommend you commit to

3 chiropractic sessions

to decide if your pet responds to the treatments.

One or two sessions are usually not enough to overcome the muscle memory your pet's body has developed over the past months, and sometimes years.



Your horse's chiropractic session starts with a gait analysis. While we talk, I watch your horse move. Then I let my fingers feel for problem areas. The session itself includes an adjustment, a cold laser session, and a saddle fit (if needed).


Your session ends with a conversation about the next steps in your horse's wellness journey. 

$155 + barn call

Not accepting new equine Chiro patients at this time.

Homeopathic Hours

My established chiropractic patients have first priority. They also receive discounts when it comes to homeopathic treatment.

New homeopathic patients, please reach out to me via email.

Homeopathic Steps to Follow 

1. Fill out my questionnaire. I need to know as much as I can about your pet! Filling out the questionnaire as meticulously as you can is the first step to our success in treating your pet homeopathically.



Homeopathic Consult

Homeopathy is an investigation into your pet's symptomatology, personality, and history. It may take several phone consultations, texts, and emails to get to the root of the problem.

It may also take several remedies to resolve the issue. 

Many homeopaths charge for follow up calls. I don't. 

My fee is based on one chief complaint, no matter how many times we may need to talk, text, or email back and forth.

$135/chief complaint


2. Schedule a Phone Call. Let's chat so we can be on the same page. Plan on a 20-45 minute phone conversation.

3. Wait. This is the hard part. You have to give me time to figure out a remedy for your pet. This takes time. It involves putting the important symptoms in a repertory, researching 3-6 remedies for a best fit, and then deciding on a potency and dosage.

4. Administer the remedy as prescribed. Please follow the directions closely and feel free to text me with any questions.

5. Follow up with me every 3-7 days. Staying in touch with me is one of the key elements of homeopathic cure. Emails are much easier for me to transcribe into my medical records so I have a continuous flow in your pet's chart. This allows for a much easier and quicker cure of the original problem.


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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”


                                                              ~Thomas Edison

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