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If you want to know the secrets to being a happy rider and riding a happy horse, no matter what kind of horse you have or what type of riding you do, I’d love you to join me!

Linda Parelli

Join Linda in Virginia (Marshall, VA)

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September 27, 28, 29 2024

The Goal: Achieve Harmony with your Horse

Is your horse CONNECTED

Is your horse RELAXED? Can you ride on a loose rein?

Is your horse RESPONSIVE? Will he respond to the lightest aids?

Is your horse CONFIDENT? Or his he spooky?

Is your horse's speed what you set it to be? Or does he lack IMPULSION?

Is your horse BENDABLE and flexible?

Is your horse in HARMONY with you? Is he your dance partner? 

This was my first clinic under the direction of Heike and having been to many clinics over the last 30 years (Is that possible?), I have to admit that it was as smooth as a whistle. If there was anything amiss….I missed it!

What a joy it is to have someone right here in our neck of the woods to satisfy our never ending quest for better Horsemanship.

And also, a first for me, was a learning experience under the watchful eyes of the wise and wonderful Linda Parelli with her brilliant new program ‘Happy Horse Happy Life’.


Clinic Riders


Continental Breakfast

Lunch in Viewing Room


2 bags of Shavings

Water Bucket

Small Tack Area

$1900 for 3 days

Experience Linda Parelli's teaching style in person. Clear communication, Concise instructions, Gentle Guidance, Personable, Fun, Down to Earth.

Each sessions starts with Understanding: Why do we do what we do? How does it affect the horse? How does the rider have to change to communicate better with the horse? How does body biomechanics of the rider affect the horse? 

What is your ultimate goal with your horse? Let's discuss your goals and how you have to prepare yourself and your horse to achieve those goals.

Ground skills. Groundwork is so important. It allows you to see your horse. It allows you to effectively communicate with your horse and receive feedback that you can visualize. Fix it on the ground first.

Ridden sessions are continuations of what you learned on the ground. Now you have to adjust your body posture and apply your "martial arts" skills to your riding.

Clinic Auditors


Continental Breakfast


$350 for 3 days

Experience everything without your horse.

Participate in simulations. Ask questions. Learn through observation.

Have fun. Meet new people. Form new friendships. Support and encourage others in the group.

Fleta Sokal

This June I attended a 3 day HHHL clinic with Linda Parelli in Northern Virginia.    We went through several modules of her curriculum with riders and horses of various levels clarifying the ideas as we went.  Linda balanced group and individual needs masterfully.  She gave us lots to lick and chew on and practice at home.  The curriculum is very thoughtful and progressive.  I had several “aha” moments.  The atmosphere was so conducive to learning.   Although I have been partnered with my horse for 7 years I feel like our relationship grew.   I look forward to my next HHHL clinic with Linda. 


It was a great experience. I really enjoyed watching all of the riders and horses progress and strengthen relationships. That is so important and very commendable.  


I learned so much!  It was fun meeting everyone and learning with such a fun, relaxed group on the most beautiful farm.~Tammy


A clinic (or anything with Linda) is incredibly mind blowing.  The videos are great on the HHHL site and the HTTH (How to Talk Horse) Curriculum but when you see Linda put it into action all the little invisible nuances come to life!  It truly is the little things that matter most.  I had a great time! 


Linda is an amazing teacher (as we all know from her PNH days and now her new curriculum "How to Talk Horse"). But to have experienced her live-and-in person took my horsemanship to a new level.

I now feel like I'm moving towards harmony under saddle with my horse.

I was grateful for the lectures before every ridden session. I loved the simulations (they always make me experience things from the horse's perspective, plus I get to experiment and ask questions to the human on the other end of the lead-rope, bit, or under me). The arena was a bit tight for 7 riders but it also made me look where I was going and as Linda said: Look for the open spaces. Now I need to practice what I've learned, so I can learn even more at the next clinic. Thank you, Linda!!!



If you are a Happy Horse Happy Life student, I highly, highly recommend attending one of Linda’s HHHL clinics if you can get to one. Although I’ve been following the How to Talk Horse Curriculum (which has been amazing), everything fell solidly into place when I brought my pushy mover to the clinic. I could literally see the puzzle pieces coming together to make a beautiful picture. 

For example, under Linda’s keen eye, I became more aware of my horse’s characteristics and how I managed them. I had no idea I was always in a “preventative” mode in regards to my horse’s antics, and how this perpetuated a really fun game for him, which was annoying, not much fun at all, for me. Once I learned to trust him and correct the unwanted behavior the moment it occurred, these behaviors started to disappear. I took the game out of his naughtiness. It was that easy. And he began to see me as more of a leader.

Another example. Connection games. I knew how to do them, but didn’t quite have it worked out as to which games to play, how often, how long, etc. These games are not just activities to accomplish. They are tools to be used before every ride, for the horse that shows up that day. I learned how to get my horse fully connected with me, and learned what that looked like. When I got in the saddle, it was if he said, “what’s next?”  Riding started to become a dance with a partner instead of just an athletic challenge.

I could write an entire chapter on everything I learned in this clinic. But let me just end on one last game changer. 7 or better. I previously interpreted this as “at least a 7.” There’ a difference. So many times I would get a 7 and think “let’s shoot for an 8.”  Or, on the opposite extreme, I’d be frustrated with things that were less than a 7 and drop it. So, I inadvertently taught my horse that he either never does anything right or that not trying is fine. 7 or better made us both happy, as we both felt successful.

Coming home gave me an exciting new way to train my horse. I was previously a bit stuck and fuddled with the progress sheets trying to figure out what to do next. Now I am excited to work on our next session with a plan and with intention. Best decision ever.


All Photos by Kianna Scott

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